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Deus Bote Aero Inflatable

The DEUS was designed to be a sit-on-top kayak. As such, center yourself on the seat, adjust the seat back as needed and paddle it as you would any other kayak.

Because of the convertible top chamber, the DEUS transforms from kayak to stand-up paddle platform in seconds. Simply remove the top and seat back and you’re set for some SUP adventures.

When using an inflatable kayak, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance for convenience. The BOTE DEUS delivers both industry-leading performance and unparalleled convenience. With it’s four-chambered construction for stability, 10-inch removable fin for tracking, and ample keel guard for durability, you won’t miss a second of time out on the water screwing around with all the hard plastic kayaks out there. Just grab it, pump it up, and go. The BOTE DEUS is not only a hybrid kayak or even an inflatable stand up paddle board, it is a transformer that quickly converts from kayak mode to stand up paddle board almost instantly. It’s military-grade PVC construction provides an ultralight vessel that’s easy to get in and out of the water.

With the BOTE DEUS inflatable kayak in its sit-on-top configuration and with its self-bailing cockpit, you stay comfortable and dry during your long awaited time on the water. Converting to a stand up paddle board configuration couldn’t be easier – just pop the top and use it as an additional float for your cooler. This is what you’ve been waiting for. A one-stop kayak shop that does it all.

The BOTE DEUS was engineered to maximize fun and revolutionize the way you kayak. No more fooling around with unwieldy, hard plastic kayaks that force you to sit wet in the cockpit. Loading and unloading, setting up and taking down, packing and unpacking are all part of the process. Converting from backpack to kayak to backpack in minutes means less time and effort transporting and more time enjoying what you live for: the outdoor lifestyle and experience.

Take it anywhere; store it anywhere. Whether you want to hit the water after work or take it on a 1,000-mile road trip, the BOTE DEUS comfortably travels anywhere a normal suitcase can. When you are not on the water, store it anywhere you call home.