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Lono Bote Aero Inflatable


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call 727-954-8814 to order.

People looking to kayak and kayak fish but are limited on storage and transportability along with those looking to travel via plane with their kayaks. Kayaking, Stand up Paddling, and a floating top chamber all make this a one of a kind to Bote's Inflatable Kayak line.

Weight61 Lbs
Capacity400 Lbs
The LONO is Bote's first entry into the kayak category. This first-of-its-kind kayak is constructed with BOTE’s inflatable AeroBOTE Technology and goes from travel bag to a 12′6″ fishing kayak in a matter of minutes. The LONO shares many of our paddle board feature options, which allow it to be accessorized and configured to make it your own. Not to mention, it’s lightweight, easy to store, easy to transport, and a blast to paddle! Our first-ever voyage into the kayaking sphere sets the high water mark for drop stitch inflatable kayaks. With truly, unimaginable convenience, stability, performance, and a whole gamut of features unique to this platform, the LONO inflatable kayak will transform your kayak fishing or paddling experience. Most notable is the four-chamber construction, which gives the kayak its shape and performance characteristics. It’s an amazing adaptation of our Aero Technology.